The Art of Illusion

When I saw my friend`s post on the trick art gallery I knew in an instant that I had to go visit this exhibition. I did a little bit of research, and impressed by the optical illusion art. It was held inside a mall in Jakarta. When we arrived the place was packed of people who wanted to get the tickets. It was an hour wait. While we`re lining up, we read all the post-its on the wall filled with testimonials from the visitors.

After a long wait, we finally got to get in. It`s even more crowded on the inside. People were waiting for their turn to get some shots with and of the art. They`re scattered all over the place, on the wall and some even rendered on the floor. Some pieces were obvious with their three dimensions but some were rather hard to get. They`re more apparent when being captured in the photographs. Here are some shots I`ve got.

trickart trickart00a trickart00b trickart00c trickart00d trickart01 trickart02 trickart02a

For the not-so-clear piece of work, there`s a photographer and a person who would assist you to do the poses.

trickart02b trickart03 trickart04 trickart05 trickart05a trickart06 trickart08 trickart09

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  2. dodo

    halo mik.. dah lama ga liat blog lo. hehe..
    gw juga ke sini waktu itu, tapi kok ga ada yang bantuin moto2 yah.. kami moto2 sendiri jadinya.. hehe..

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